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With some amount of hype surrounding the Venus Factor diet and workout system (specifically targeted for women) the question is: what is unique or special about it? Also, is it intelligently designed, and can it truly put you on the best track possible for excellent health and healthy weight loss? Isn’t this yet another yo yo dieting scheme that promises much, but ultimately wreaks havoc on your metabolism and leaves you frustrated? People want to be healthy, trim and have an abundance of energy for life. What on earth does John Barban’s Venus Factor know about helping us achieve this goal?

The Venus Factor has attracted a lot of attention because it claims to take advantage of new discoveries about the female metabolism. This is for women only! Losing weight is often thought of as a one size fits all solution, whether you are male or female. But the body of men and women differ in many ways. So as a woman, can you gain a real advantage, by following the Venus factor program?

The Venus Factor & Yo-Yo Dieting

Women (generally) find it more difficult to lose weight and keep it off as compared to men. Why is that? The creator of this program (John Barban) has involved himself in research into this question. He believes that the answer is available, and we can act on it if we wish. This new discovery revolves around one hormone in particular – leptin.

losing weight - yo yo effectWhy do we find it so frustratingly difficult to stick to a diet? Why do we end up craving certain foods which sooner or later leads to a guilty binge, sometimes late at night, despite the best will in the world? Physically and mentally this has never been a healthy state of affairs. New research points to why our old restrictive dieting methods are deeply flawed. We have known how damaging some diets can often be for your metabolism. The question is : why is leptin so important?

What is Leptin?

If you have never hear of leptin or how this hormone effects our ability to manage weight, you are not alone. Common dieting methods often fail precisely due to a lack of understanding of this hormone.

Leptin is a master hormone that regulates how hungry you feel and how much food you think you need. It is Leptin that controls 100% of your body’s capability to burn fat. The Venus Factor focuses on working with this hormone to increase your metabolism, without the side effect of dangerous food cravings or starvation that may lead to short term weight loss, but due to the metabolic damage caused, can only lead to weight being regained. This is “yo-yo” dieting.

The Venus Factor Diet Plan

The underlying focus of the method is to show women how to increase their metabolism, in a way that is specific to the female body. The heart of the program involves a 12 week nutrition plan that aims to bring about a metabolism that is conducive to burning fat rather than storing it. One of the first thing that people learn is which foods to eliminate that may have been stopping them from losing any weight at all; as a result, John says that the elimination of these particular foods can result in dramatic weight loss in the first two weeks alone.

Are Women Really Losing Weight With This Method?

It is excellent to see the happy comments and testimonials coming in about people’s experiences with The Venus Factor. Roberta, below, notes that other programs only frustrated her, whilst the Venus Factor finally taught her the right way to lose weight.

I was so frustrated with not getting the body I wanted. It wasn’t until I found Venus Factor that I finally reshaped my body. I wasn’t very skeptical, which probably helped me to get started with the workouts, but there wasn’t really anything to worry about anyway. I just did three months as a test drive and the results blew me away, I completely changed my body and my whole life. After doing the Venus program I realized that before I was doing almost everything wrong and way too complicated.” – Roberta (Venus Factor customer comment)

Then there is the encouraging story of another Venus Factor participant called Lisa. Initially, when she stepped on the scales her mood would plummet. It read 210 pounds, which for a person measuring 5 foot 1 inches represents a real health risk. After having tried everything (or so she thought) it was an emotionally difficult place to be in at that time. The Venus Factor would ultimately clear the path for her to steadily drop to a 12 dress size in only 5 months. In this time she had lost 53 pounds of ungainly body fat, all done in a way that was healthy, sustainable, and offered her every chance of a permanently leaner physique.venus index girl

What Else Should You Know About The Venus Factor?

This program is focused on bringing about long term changes to the body. That means that is not promoted as an overnight fat loss “cure”, as is sadly the case with many other products. But this is good news, because unrealistic claims only lead to disappointment, and potential health problems. Going into the Venus Factor with realistic expectations will put you in the best position to reap the most from it. John also notes that you are not required to restrict the foods that you most crave; and this will certainly come as a welcome relief to most!

How Can You Get The Venus Factor?

The total cost of the entire program is listed as being worth almost $700, but John is currently offering it for a one time fee of $47. You can purchase the Venus Factor online at the official website, after which you receive access to the private membership area. You will also receive three free additional bonus items that compliment the program. These include The Venus Factor Workouts and exclusive video coaching lessons that include extra tips for maximum weight loss. It is reassuring to note that there is a sixty day 100% money back guarantee offered on your purchase too, showing that John is very confident in that The Venus Factor truly does work as he describes.

Should You Trust The Venus Factor For Your Weight Loss?

If you have lost hope with other weight loss programs, or are searching for something different as your very first attempt, there is no reason not to at least consider The Venus Factor as your strategy. It is easy to see that John has put considerable research into formulating his strategies, and the unique approach taken certainly stands out amongst the vast number of other “same old” weight loss and diet programs out there. With the money back guarantee on offer, there really is nothing to lose by investing in The Venus Factor on your mission to lose weight!